This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels April 7

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The boss and her friend L were claiming it was going to rain, they wanted it to rain – heavily – and they wanted us to have to stay here! It was pleasant to feel so affirmed.

It was Flying Doctor Clinic day here. Lawn Hill Station people brought in a jillaroo who had damaged her neck in a fall from a horse. That created a minor drama and she was evacuated to Mt Isa in a full body brace.

The supply truck came in and we got some supplies we’d ordered.

Resize of 04-09-2005 Packed Truck.JPG

Packed up Truck

O phoned again. He would be quite late getting to Hells Gate, so would overnight there and continue on next day. Good – that took the pressure off us to get up there in a rush and would make for a much better drive for us.

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