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2004 Travels August 8

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Another drive back into Exmouth.

We had to be at the Bowls Club by 10am to play Versatility Bowls: two games of mixed fours, interspersed with pairs games, so that everyone played a total of three games. We won the first Fours game. John and I won our pairs game. The two men who made up our four, lost their pairs game, then we were annihilated in the last Fours game. John was Skip in that last game, and we played on a different green.

It was a long day!

We got back to camp in the daylight, but still had to keep watch for the kangaroos that came out to graze in the late afternoon.

Resize of 08-07-2004 09 Cape Range dusk 2.JPG

It had been extremely windy when we left the camp in the morning. That had come up during the night. It dropped later in the day, but by then a tent had been shredded in the wind, and the people had to leave.

Back in ’97, we’d made the decision to have an old fashioned  sail track awning, rather than a roll out one, so that we would feel more secure about going away from camp on windy days. It was more of a pain to put up and down, but days like this one made it worth while!

Resize of 08-11-2004 our living area Mesa camp.jpg

Old-fashioned awning


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