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2004 Travels August 7

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It was a very pleasant day. There was almost no wind at all.

John fished. I walked and read.

The area under the van awning was quite stony and uneven. John decided to remedy that. He raked and scraped the stones to one side, then spread a bucket of sand,  from down by the little creek, over the smaller stones that were left. Then he rolled and smoothed the top, using his poly pipe fishing rod holder. The result was rather like cement, and fine underfoot after the shade cloth matting was put back over it. Quite ingenious.

Resize of 08-04-2004 02 Concreting Mesa Camp

Concreting a floor

I was reminded yesterday, as we were driving around the top of the Cape, to Exmouth, that it was there we picked up the phone call from son, back in October 2000, that signalled our long trip would be curtailed, and we would have to go home. The extreme disappointment I’d felt at that, was still strong. So it was not a place that held fond memories for me.

Resize of 08-07-2004 06 Cape Range sunset


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