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2004 Travels July 19

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The day promised to be great – blue skies, But not too hot for walking.

Resize of 07-19-2004 03 Dales Gorge walk setting out.jpg

We set off through the campground again, walking to the Circular Pool end of the gorge. Took the steep track down into the gorge, then walked along the bottom,  to Circular Pool.

Resize of 07-19-2004 02 ck gorge.jpg

There were quite a few other people on the track and in the gorge – it is a very popular area.

We admired the Circular Pool for a short time, then retraced the way we’d come, as far as the track we’d come down. Continued on past the bottom of that, staying along the gorge bottom, beside the creek.

Resize of 07-19-2004 04 walk through dales gorge.jpg

Resize of 07-19-2004 04 Dales gorge and creek

In places along the track, where people’s legs had brushed against the rocks at its side, we could actually see strands of blue asbestos!

Resize of 07-19-2004 08 asbestos.jpg

Some asbestos layers in here. Interesting pattern on rock top looks like a map of intersecting gorges.

Fortescue Falls was an attractive feature, but there were too many people there. It was impossible to take a photo that did not have people in it.

Resize of 07-19-2004 05 Fortescue falls  Dales Gorge.jpg

Fortescue Falls

There were also a number of the yobbo variety, doing show-off jumps from ledges up on the rock walls. When one sees what some idiots do in the gorges, it is amazing that there are not more accidents and need for rescues!

Resize of 07-19-2004 06  in Dales Gorge.jpg

Continued on, along to Fern Pool, with its cascades. This was a lovely place. There were people swimming here, too.

Resize of 07-19-2004 11 f falls.jpg

Fern Pool

Dales Gorge was the most accessible part of Karijini, plus there was the campground there, so we should not have been surprised at having to share it with so many others. Pity, though…

The climb back up to the top again was not too hard, even for this hill hater. That was definitely the best way round to do the circuit.

Resize of 07-19-2004 15 Fortescue Falls from climb out of Dales Gorge

Fortescue Falls seen from the climb up out of the gorge

Had lunch back at the van, then drove to Kalamina Gorge. There, we walked down a steep but short track, to the gorge base.

Resize of 07-19-2004 18 Kalamina Gorge Karijini.jpg

Kalimna Gorge

From there, we walked along the gorge floor, as far as Rock Arch Pool.

Resize of 07-19-2004 19 Kalamina Gorge Temple Hole.jpg

Temple Hole

It was a most attractive gorge, and quite easy walking for most of it. The walls were high and steep and the gorge quite narrow in parts. On a couple of places, we had to follow rock ledges around.

Resize of 07-19-2004 21 Kalamina Gorge.jpg

The Rock Arch was a hole through a section of the gorge wall.

The climb down and the same back up, was easier than at Dales Gorge.

It was a bit late in the day to get great photos of the walk in Kalamina Gorge, unfortunately.

Resize of 07-19-2004 09 Kalamina Gorge

It was a walk well worth doing – and it was away from the crowds!

I was definitely leg weary by the end of the day.

The campground was full up. The old Visitors Centre area was being used as an overflow area – or holding pen! Yet again, we had been lucky.






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