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2004 Travels July 18

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John had taken seriously the notice about being early to secure a camp site, so we were up early, breakfasted, packed up  and away by 8.30am. Quite an achievement for us!

We were held up at the railway crossing by the caravan park, by an ore train.

Resize of 07-18-2004 01 Ore train Karijini.JPG

The drive was very scenic, either surrounded by the red Pilbara hills and ranges, or with them in the distance. It was all sealed, apart from the last few kms into the camp area.

We got to the campground at 10am. There were campground hosts checking people in and allocating sites. They gave us an excellent, long site that would accommodate both the van and tent – in the generator area, as we requested. It was not too far to walk to the nearest long drop toilet – but far enough away not to be able to smell it!

Resize of 07-19-2004 01 Camp Karijini Nat Park.JPG

The camp area was really attractive, with plenty of trees and scrub about, and sites not too close together. It cost us $5 a night, per person.

After camp was set up, we drove about 12kms, back to the Visitor Centre. This was an unusual structure – all stark lines – made of rusted looking metal, that is the colour of the gorge walls of Karijini. It was very well done.

Resize of 07-18-2004 02 Karijini NP Visitor Centre

Karijini Visitor Centre

We got information on walks, looked at their displays, bought ourselves a polo shirt each, some postcards, magnets, and a bookmark for the young grand daughter.

After lunch back at camp, walked the 2km Dales Gorge Rim Walk. We walked through the campground to get to that – very pleasant.

It was an excellent introductory walk. Lots of white trunked snappy gums contrasted with the red of the earth and hills.

Resize of 07-18-2004 03 Dales Gorge Karijini NP from rim.jpg

The view from the gorge rim, down into the gorge, was beautiful. Right down in the gorge, cypress pines lined the creek.

Resize of 07-18-2004 dales gorge from rim walk

That walk made us eager to tackle the longer walk, down into the gorge and through  it, tomorrow.

Resize of 07-18-2004 dg from r walk

We ran the generator for a while after getting back to the van, to make sure they were sufficiently charged.

Ate tea sitting out under the van awning  and stayed out there until it was bedtime, listening to the bush and campground noises, and gazing at the stars.

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