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2004 Travels July 3

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In the morning, went to the Growers Market in the town centre. There were lots of tomatoes, capsicums, grapefruit, bananas and other vegies. Carnarvon was a very productive  agricultural centre, reliant on irrigation water from under the Gascoyne River bed. We stocked up – very good value.

I bought a Weekend Australian. A newspaper again!

After lunch, John bowled. This caravan park had its own bowling green – which was the reason we always went there! Regular competitions were run throughout the tourist season – which we were right in the middle of. John was very rusty, he said.

I read my paper.

Resize of 07-05-2004 camp Carnarvon.JPG

Carnarvon site

Friend M phoned. She and friend were at Nanga, south of here, on their hire car jaunt. She would contact us when they reached Carnarvon on Tuesday. That was a couple of days later than they’d planned to be in town. We could have stayed out in the bush for another couple of nights!

Fortunately, I was able to extend our booking here by a night.

Garlic prawns for tea tonight – lovely.

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