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2004 Travels May 6

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Today was a driving day. We set out to go to Israelite Bay, further to the east. Essentially, that was as far east as there was a road, along this part of the coast.

Resize of 05-06-2004 cape arid map.JPG

Map from CALM showing the various parts of Cape Arid NP

One source had it that the name derived from an early settler in the region, who noticed that the aboriginals of the area were circumcised – in line with Biblical instruction.

We took the Tagon Road again, north to the Fisheries Road/Track.

As we were driving up a hill, on the Tagon Road, out from camp, we were startled by a phone call coming in on the mobile phone. I’d turned it on, to see if we could find anywhere that bars indicated a signal, but the call – from John’s daughter S – was a surprise. We parked by the roadside, and John talked to her for a while. Then I checked on my daughter, by text. The reply indicated that things were mostly alright, with her.

It was actually quite good to know that, in an emergency, we would not have to drive far to get a phone signal.

The route east on the Fisheries Road was good gravel for a while, but then deteriorated. It became sandy in parts, but in other places we had to detour around big bog holes. Some sections were badly corrugated. It was slow going, but not tricky driving.

Resize of 05-06-2004 01 Mt Ragged track and hole.jpg

Mt Ragged Track branched off Fisheries Road – rough!

The distance from Thomas River was 105kms, each way, and it took us about two and a half hours, each way.

A Telegraph Station, on the SA-WA telegraph line, functioned here from 1877 to 1927.

Resize of 05-06-2004 02 old Telegraph Station Israelite Bay

Telegraph Station ruins

The historic building remains here date from the settlement that was set up around the Telegraph Station. It was never very large, and was supplied by sea – hence the remains of what would have been a substantial jetty.

Resize of 05-06-2004 03 jetty remnants Israelite Bay.jpg

Jetty remnants, Israelite Bay

There was not a great deal to see or do at Israelite Bay. There were a lot of messy tracks, mostly going to areas in the bush that had been used by campers.

There were a couple of nondescript old buildings.

Resize of 05-06-2004 in ruin

The beach of the bay was covered with heaped up dead sea grass, and so was not very attractive at this time.

The highlights of the place were the old Telegraph Station building, and a few jetty remains, which were quite stark and picturesque, out in the bay.

The original Telegraph Station was built of timber, but was replaced by a significant stone building, in 1896. It was now roofless, and partly fallen down. It would have been a grand building in its time.

Resize of 05-06-2004 israelite

I thought it had been worth the drive, just to see this building.

It was dark by the time we got back to our camp.

I put some curry powder over the salmon, and cooked it in foil, again. Served with rice, it was quite palatable.

Today had been a fairly sunny day, so the solar system was keeping the batteries nicely charged up.

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