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2004 Travels April 29

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After breakfast, we went back to Lake Monjingup. This time, we spent over three hours there, wandering about, watching birds, trying to identify the varied bushes, and just generally enjoying the little oasis of wilderness.

Resize of 04-27-2004 Lake Monjingup near Esperance.jpg

Lake Monjingup

We spotted a Western Spinebill, for the first time, and a Fan Tailed Cuckoo.

Resize of 04-29-2004 banksia.jpg

Very symmetrical banksia

I was quite intrigued by an ant path that extended a long way, over soil and rock. I wondered how many zillion ant footsteps it had needed to make such a clear path? Amazing.

Resize of 04-27-2004 ant path nest.jpg

Ant path with large ant mound in background

Resize of 04-29-2004 old banksia Lake Monjingup Esperance

Venerable banksia

The rest of the day, I read and John played computer games.

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