This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels April 27

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We were woken very early by a phone call from the errant daughter. She’d forgotten about the time difference! She needed to borrow money until her financial situation got more sorted out. Later in the day, we transferred some money to her.

I decided to phone my minister friend P, to see if he would counsel daughter, and assess her state of mind, for me. I knew I could rely on his impartial, and expert, views – and he’d known daughter for years. He agreed. I felt better for having actively done something!

John bowled in the afternoon. He won some beer, for coming second. He came back with the news that there was to be a big bowls tournament on here, next weekend. I agreed that we could stay on longer, so he could play in that, instead of leaving on Saturday, as planned.

While John was at bowls. I walked to the town library, where I was able to borrow some reading matter. I had to pay a $50 surety, though.

Resize of 04-25-2004 esperance aerial.jpg

Aerial view of Esperance, showing Pink Lake – from postcard (source unknown)

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