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2004 Travels April 17

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I did three loads of washing in the morning. It was quite a windy day, so good for drying.

We went into town and did a grocery shop, in preparation for a few days with limited available supplies.

The Chescold fridge we used as a supplementary one, outside the van, had not been working for a while. John had conferred with the local fridge repairer, who had organized for a new element to come in the mail, by plane. He then brought it out to us – great service. So today, John fitted it – the fridge was working again and John was quite pleased with his efforts.

Later in the afternoon, we went fishing. It was very windy and chilly out on the Thevenard Jetty. The little cockles John had gathered on the beach, the other day, proved to be too soft and small to work as bait, but John caught a garfish and that became bait. He caught a good sized whiting and a small Tommy Ruff, but overall it was a frustrating effort.

I kept a very close watch out for my scary seal!

We did some preliminary packing up and, of course, I picked in the dry washing and dealt with it.

We were as ready to go, as was possible.

Resize of 04-15-2004 ceduna sunset.jpg

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