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2004 Travels April 8

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Today’s was a rather short move.

It was a pleasant drive, following the coast.

We stopped and had a quick look at Smoky Bay. It was a small place, but looked pleasant enough, with a foreshore caravan park that looked alright. It was for sale – could be a decent business, given the way this coast seemed to be going ahead.

Noted this as another place for a possible future stay. There was a jetty that would offer fishing points.

We were already booked into the Shelly Beach Caravan Park. I had decided that we would prefer not to stay in the centre of this town, and Shelly Beach was about 3kms south  of town.

It was a lovely caravan park, for these parts, apparently being developed from a formerly run down place. It was a FPA park, too, so after discount we paid $17.50 a night. Not bad, over Easter.

We had a nicely shaded site, in an area of the park that was irregularly laid out, with sites tucked amongst bushes. The bathrooms were unusual – a number of unisex shower and toilet rooms – like ensuites – but shared by a few sites. They were clean and spacious.

There were quite high sand dunes between the park area and the sea – Bosanquet Bay. There was a long beach, for walking along, although the sand was a bit soft.

After we set up and had lunch, drove back into town and went to the Information Centre. As well as getting materials about the area, we bought six polo shirts – they were having a sale. For $15 each, bought ones that would be birthday presents for my offspring, one for John, and three for me. One of mine had  a Googs Track insignia, another was Nullarbor logo-ed , and the other referenced the “bugger” Toyota ads on TV, with a little logo on the pocket plus the word. It certainly was not one I could wear on all occasions, but I did love those ads – and the sentiment was frequently very appropriate for camping scenarios!

Stocked up for Easter, too.

Back at camp, we walked the path across the dunes, then walked for about an hour along the beach. That was a real workout for the calf muscles, in the soft sand.

There was a huge bull ant on our outside table. Very aggro it was too. I made a mental note to keep a careful eye out for its mates.

Texted our whereabouts to V and K and received replies. V and family were at Bonnie Doon for Easter. K said that grand daughter loved her “grandma jumper”.

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