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2004 Travels April 7

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Before John got up, this morning, I walked for an hour or so, along the bike path alongside the bay. There was less wind, but it was still a bit cool.

Resize of 04-06-2004 Streaky Bay View.jpg

The bay at Streaky Bay

Eventually, we drove to Hallys Beach. It was still not a great day for fishing, but John was determined. We were a bit late getting out there, so the tide was already going out.

There were some big waves, and lots of rips. John lost the rigs off both the surf rods, plus the smaller rod! It was more likely to have been from weed entanglement than from fish that got away. He lost too much line to be able to continue fishing. I thought the salmon must have departed at the same time as the warmer weather!

Resize of 04-06-2004 Surfer Streaky Bay Back Beach

Lone surfer

This was our last day at Streaky Bay. We agreed that we could have stayed quite a while longer. We will return!  Great place, pleasant little town, and at this time of year, not teeming with holiday makers.

We left a phone message for L to forward our mail tomorrow, to Ceduna PO.

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