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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels April 14

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Another cloudy day.

We still had things we wanted to do, so booked to stay on for another three nights. These cost $19 a night.

After an early lunch, went fishing off the main jetty at Thevenard – the port part of town. It was rather industrial around there – naturally, given that there was a major grain shipping facility, amongst other things. But the jetty gave us access to deep water.

We caught some fish – 3 salmon trout, 3 whiting, 4 Tommy Ruffs. I caught one of the salmon – quite a big one. I had another big one get away off the line.

At one stage, I was leaning over the edge of the jetty, not far from the water surface, to check my line, when a big seal suddenly surfaced, right under me – with a loud snorting noise and spray of water. We almost rubbed noses! It scared the hell out of me. I had fishy nightmares during the night!

Resize of 04-14-2004 ceduna dusk.jpg

It started to rain, at tea time – light, but steady.

We ate some of our catch for tea – very nice.

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