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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels April 13

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The day was cloudy.

It was a day to rest from bowling, and to go for a little drive.

Filled with diesel – 96cpl.

I posted a parcel of books that I wanted to keep, home. Sent a knitted vest for the baby, to daughter, and a postcard off to grand daughter.

We then drove out along the coast to the west of here – through Denial Bay village, to Davenport Creek. Although the country was flat and dry, it was an interesting and varied trip.

Denial Bay was a cluster of houses, and a jetty.

Resize of 04-14-2004 denial bay.jpg

Denial Bay

Davenport Creek was a sort of swampy, tidal inlet, creating an arm of land between it and the ocean and beach.  We did a little driving on the Ocean Beach, and a bit of harder, scarier (for me) track driving through the scrubby dunes.

That little outing was enough, and after that it was back to camp.

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