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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels March 29

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In the morning, John worked on the information slips for the pens.

I walked around the streets for an hour or so, for exercise.

Later, we went to the shops again. Bought a couple of books – one on Windows XP, which had been fairly newly installed on our laptops . And one on digital photography. This was needed because John gave me a Pentax Optio digital camera, for my birthday and Xmas. Some functions were similar to my old Pentax SLR camera, but there were many differences, too.

John was convinced I would get good photographic results from the Optio, but I still felt very reliant on the old film camera. I planned, this trip, to use both, and then see which way I’d go in the future. Had to admit that the concept of not being limited by the cost of having same developed and printed, was appealing. The need for economy had been a major limitation on my photo taking, to this point.

I did some knitting, finishing the jumper I’d been making for grand daughter.

John was having trouble getting an internet connection for the phone and laptop, and wanted to get that sorted out before we went any further. So he spent some time on the phone to Telstra, and seemed to make progress.

Resize of 3-11-2004 Pens in Show Box.jpg

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