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2003 Travels September 2-September 10

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We had the usual mix of rostered duties.

I was starting to really feel the increasing heat now, especially when working in the tents.

Business had tailed right off. I was actually hunting for things to do to keep me occupied. I folded stacks of the brochures that we gave out to guests on check in. These came, printed, as flat sets in boxes, to be folded in half to make a little booklet. I folded hundreds of the things – enough for well into next year.

Printed off a heap of my mud map of the area, when I could access the printer in the office area at the back of the shop.

I tried to tally up the campground numbers from the book-in books – needed for the establishment paper work. this was not an easy task, because entries were made in a fairly small space. Campers in the informal grove area, where there were no allocated sites, were just listed by name and number of campers, in a couple of lines at the bottom of the page. That was times was very full and very hard to decipher, later.

When I was on tent duties, there were regular repairs to be done. I hated doing the patching of holes because I always ended up with super glue all over my fingers, and it took a real effort with eucalyptus oil, to begin to get that off – usually with some skin thrown in.

Boss told B she was no longer needed to work, except for later in the month, when the big Variety Bash group was expected. B was feeling very hurt by this. Her husband was still needed, though. So B was spending all her time down at her camper trailer, doing some of the very clever hand made knitwear work that had been her business once. I thought the boss should have assigned B to mending tents, with her sewing machine – would have been very useful.

B and M ate down at their trailer, now, so the staff contingent on the dining deck at meal times was fast dwindling.

resize of 09-01-2003 our van looking very lived in

Our van looking like it had been there a very long time!

Due to the decline in tourists, with the rising temperatures, we had no problem negotiating to finish a few days earlier than planned, on the 11th now. That would give us time for a quick trip to Pungalina before we headed home.

We would also throw in a quick break at Kingfisher Camp, on the way, just because we liked it.

J phoned O at Pungalina to arrange to go camp there and check out the possible work there for 2004. Phoned Kingfisher Camp and booked in there – not that they would be very busy now, either.

The prospect of exploring somewhere new, again, was exciting.

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