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2003 Travels September 1

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Day off. The days were definitely getting hotter now.

We drove to the National Park.

Walked the Constance Range Track, which we hadn’t done before.

This left from the canoe hire area, but went along the other side of the little backwater creek, to the track around the Island Stack. Along this narrow section, beside the back creek, I nearly trod on a baby crocodile, that was on the track. We both got a fright.

Resize of 08-30-2003 little croc on c range walk.jpg

Little croc on walk track

It was a pleasant gradual climb, on a track less walked than the other Park tracks.

Resize of 08-30-2003 02  track up constance range nat park.jpg

Walk track up the Constance Range

We gained a different outlook over the Island Stack and the start of the Lower Gorge.

resize of 08-30-2003 01 gorge and island stack from constance range tk

Island Stack front R, Gorge in background

There were expansive views from the top of the ridge, in all directions.

resize of 08-30-2003 03 view from top of constance range

Constance Range to the NW, from top of track

We were very pleased we had managed to fit that walk in. It was not as spectacular as either the Island Stack walk or that to the Upper Gorge, but certainly well worth doing. Again, I was reminded of how much was missed by those who only visit this area for a couple of nights.

Resize of 08-30-2003 05 from top track to nat park and south.jpg

Road into the National Park and the view to the south

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