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2003 Travels August 17

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I was on tent housekeeping.  John on canoes.

Resize of 09-09-2003 03 new canoe ramp.jpg

The new canoe launching ramp

A  group that came in yesterday was to stay two nights, and do the Riversleigh tour this morning. They fronted up first thing to cancel all their plans and leave today. They said the meal last night was a disgrace and the cook was a very unpleasant person! That was not great PR! Costly too – some $600 worth lost.

We had been getting quite a bit of adverse feedback lately, along those lines. It was becoming embarrassing for us on Reception who received the criticism. But I had to agree about last night’s meal. Corned beef, mashed potato, overcooked cabbage with no butter or pepper on it, frozen carrot slices, cooked to soggy. The white onion sauce was curdled. There was not enough – the tourists got quite small serves, particularly as the dishing up proceeded. Staff got next to nothing. But Cook had – before serving up – piled plates really high for her and husband. Then they took these out to the tables and sat next to the tour group who complained this morning! The group complained about that, too! Dessert had been baked rice custard – very over cooked and dry, with no cream or milk to put on it. Cook’s food was not too bad when she started here – not sure what has gone amiss lately.

I now had every tent in the place to do today, and six of the seven cabin rooms too. Linen from 6 double beds,  and 34 single beds – 74 sheets alone. Then there were the pillow cases and about 50 towels to wash. Today set a housekeeping record!

J spent the morning helping with the laundry, which was a great assistance, because I could focus on stripping beds and cleaning tents. By 6pm all was washed, dried, all beds remade, and all but 6 tents fully cleaned. And I was stuffed! I would do the rest of the tents tomorrow.

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