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2003 Travels August 16

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I was on Reception, John on canoes.

There was a fly-in group expected, sometime after breakfast. We’d had another lot stay last night, and D drove these over to the airstrip for their departure. He came back and was waiting around at Reception, chatting with us there, waiting for the next lot to arrive.  Suddenly, we heard a loud roar and I saw a plane moving quickly, past the treetops. D, whose back was to the airstrip direction,  said it was his earlier lot, taking off. I replied that – if this was the case, he’d just stuffed up his take off, big time, because the plane I saw was going down, not up!

D argued that what he’d heard was too fast for a landing, but he drove off anyway, to go and check. It turned out to be the group we were expecting in. He hadn’t done the required flyover first, his flaps were not deployed properly, and he landed too fast, using up the whole strip and some of the cleared mowed area at the end! His eight passengers were not happy!

I was just pleased the whole lot had gotten down intact. After all the disruption and drama of the search and rescue effort, earlier in the year, really did not want any more officialdom disrupting our routines, such as they were.

In the afternoon, another fly-in phoned to confirm he was coming in tomorrow. But there was nothing in the booking books – again! Fortunately, I had tent vacancies – just.

There were about 70 guests for tea tonight, with assorted tour groups and DBB guests.  Again, there was not enough food for full serves for staff. Cook knew, this morning, how many she was cooking for, so this was annoying. It really was not that hard to get it right – I should know, having done it last year.

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