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2003 Travels August 11

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I was on tent housekeeping, John on amenities/grounds.

I was called up to the office to take a phone call from the Flying Doctor. I had some anxiety as I hurried up there from the laundry. But it was just to say that all my blood related tests came back normal: blood sugar, liver and kidney functions, thyroid levels – the latter always reassuring, since I was surgically relieved of half my thyroid some seven years ago. Unfasted cholesterol was only 4.9  which was apparently very good, since several of the other staff expressed envy!

I was now certain that the mystery aliment had been a muscle injury.

B and M arrived back late in the day. Their two day break had extended to four, because M had a sore foot and had to have it scanned in Isa. He thought he had hurt it doing the canoes, with the new canoe ramp in place. The men did not think it was a great design and found it very difficult to use. Thought up by a Ranger who did not work on canoe hire, clearly!

I wasn’t sure how M had managed to get a scan done on a long weekend. Their extended absence had meant last-minute roster changes. If he could no longer do canoe hire duty, F and John would be happy because it was their preferred duty. But it could also put some pressure on, because M did not like the more grotty jobs like cleaning anything, collecting campground rubbish. He preferred to be off working independently on “special projects” – like building planter boxes for flowers!

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