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2003 Travels August 7

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I was on tents, John on amenities/yard again.

It was a hard day – I had thirteen tents to “do”. That meant about fifty sheets to wash, dry and put back on beds; twenty six towels to wash, get dry, fold, and place on beds in tents; the kitchen tea towels and the baby’s nappies to wash. I actually managed, though, to get our clothes washing done, in amongst tent cleaning.

I worked 8am to 6.30pm and was exhausted at the end. I sweated a lot – the days were heating up and it got quite stifling working inside the tents. Think I got a bit dehydrated.

Resize of 08-07-2003 09 view from hilton area.jpg

I could look out on this whilst cleaning tents

John had hosed around some of the tents, to settle dust, and he got some of the matting areas in the front of some tents, wet. I had to clean mud of those before I could do the tents. Two old codgers traipsed across the mats of three tents – separately – so I had to sweep them twice extra. Was not happy! That contributed to the late finish.

I was very thorough with the tent cleaning – perhaps more so than some of the other staff when they had a lot to do. Maybe I was not as kind to myself as I could be.

John was cross because I was late and wasn’t around to have a happy hour beer with him at the van when he knocked off at 5pm.

I couldn’t stomach the thought of cook’s greasy lamb chop special casserole – made with instant Maggi flavour additive and without any fat skimmed off whilst cooking. I’d also seen her bread and butter custard, sitting on the edge of the stove, most of the afternoon, waiting to be put in the oven, with the bread pieces drying up and going curled. She did not make it by pouring the custard over the bread – just dumped it all in the dish, any old how.

So, I drank lots of water, instead of having dinner, and really enjoyed my shower, which with the water adjusted to tepid, was really refreshing.

After tea, John went to do a computer internet download, in the office. It took ages, because daughter had emailed me a couple of photos of grandson, and that clogged things up. John couldn’t finish his download, so was not happy. I should have to tell daughter thanks for the thought, but no more! I loved the photos of the five month old – cute age.

About 10pm, John went out to investigate a crashing noise and found another white bull in a bamboo clump near us. Here we go again! F and D shelled out of their vans to help him chase it out of the grounds, but it finished up down in the campground somewhere. They had to choose between letting it go and settle down, or waking up the whole campground. They just hoped it stayed away from tents. For that matter, away from staff caravans too.

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