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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels August 6

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I was on reception – unexpectedly – because V got me to swap with her. She was not in the mood for being pleasant all day, on reception! John was on cleaning amenities and yard work – back to reality!

Mail day. There was a mail parcel from home, a couple of postcards from friend M, posted as she’d driven her wide circuit back to Mt Isa, and my newspaper.

I took a phone call on behalf of a touring group. They wanted to confirm that they were booked to meet up with boss R for a Riversleigh tour, tomorrow morning at Site D. They also mentioned that they had eight or nine camp sites booked for two nights. BUT – I could find nothing in the camp booking book! I made pleasant, affirmative noises, completed the call, then rather frantically double and triple checked. When I eventually caught up with boss, and pressed, he “thought” he could remember making the arrangements!

I had to do some very complicated shuffling around in the bookings book, to get the group into sites relatively close to each other – luckily, we were not full. This sometimes haphazard approach to records and bookings was very annoying. It was embarrassing when one was on the counter and people came in, believing they had bookings, and we couldn’t find same. It was mostly the result of people phoning in the evening, and the bosses taking the calls on the portable handset, and then not getting round to going into the shop to record the details – notes on little pieces of paper got easily mislaid.

It was a long day. It was quiet in patches, then there was a rush of campers near teatime, wanting pies, sausage rolls and the like – so there was pressure on the little microwave in the kitchen, as well as on me. It took about five  minutes to heat one pie, and we could only do one at a time, so dealing with any quantity required patience, both by the customer and me!

John helped wash dishes after tea, while I went back to the shop to finalize the till, which I hadn’t had time to do, before tea.

It was cook and husband’s day off, so the boss was cooking. R cooked fish on the BBQ, which he did well and it was nice. But it was served with mashed potato and boiled frozen peas and carrots, which was a bit boring. Dessert was pineapple crumble – using tinned pineapple – with custard; the custard was alright.

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