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2003 Travels August 2

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On tent housekeeping again.

Resize of 07-24-2003 01 Lawn Hill Ck by tents.jpg

Ever changing light and reflections on the creek – a very special workplace

We finished work at 5pm, then took an hour or so to pack Truck for our camping trip to Musselbrook. There was not much to pack because most camping gear was permanently in Truck. Mostly it was some clothes and food for two days and nights, plus some spare, just in case.

We heaved the caravan’s spare wheel up onto the roof rack and tied it there. Put in several containers of water.

At tea time, we farewelled the baby’s carer, who had finished her three week stint and was off to Isa tomorrow, with the current company tour group. The boss would really miss her – not only had she minded the baby, but also did her cleaning and washing. We would miss her too – because the nappy washing would probably go back to being done by whoever was assigned to the tent housekeeping.

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