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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 5

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John was on grounds and amenities cleaning. I was on float to wherever needed. In practice, that was mostly helping out in reception/shop.

M went off to the National Park, with H’s tour group, for his day-long guided tour there. She loved it and said she learned so much.

School holidays had made this place so busy. I could not believe how many people just rocked up here without a booking – or without having phoned ahead to check likely availability of space. I also can’t quite believe how surprised/angry most got when they were told we had no vacant camp sites and they would have to go in the overflow area. Some had already tried the National Park and been turned away; others stormed off saying they would go to the Park – then had to slink back later and take what was on offer. They must realize that they are taking such a chance  – they can’t just go down the road from us and the National Park – that it is 90km back to the next camp area?

We were, in my view, allowing too many campers into the informal camping in the Grove – there were some territorial issues developing!

The search was still on. They planned to use an infra-red device on the chopper tonight and fly over the area searching with that.

Someone passing through from Doomadgee told the boss that the guy who’d eventually towed the group’s broken down car back there, was now dead – possibly a heart attack, possibly a shooting. A bit mysterious, apparently, with some talk that payback was involved. It was hard to know what to believe – if anything – about all that.

M quite cheerfully helped with the rather massive washing up after tea – all the DBB accommodation was bulging at the seams, with the extra search people.

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