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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 4

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John on canoes,  another day for me on tents. Now that the tourist season was in full swing, we were both flat out busy, all day.

Friend M arrived, with the company tour group. She was actually lucky to get here. I had, ages ago, arranged with H, the tour guide, to bring her up with this group. Turned out that he was allocated the Troopy for this tour, but when he went around the accommodations  to pick up his passengers, found there were two more than he had vouchers for – or that we had beds allocated for! Some glitch in the Isa office. It was a tight fit, but he managed to squeeze M in, along with the supplies of beer and wine we’d arranged for her to bring up for us.

The prevailing alcohol drought had well and truly broken in our part of the camp!

Couldn’t spare any time when she arrived, but pointed her in the direction of our van. She set up her little tent next to the van – she was quite self-sufficient, with only a small backpack.

Boss had said that M could help out around the place a little, and wash dishes, in return for her keep whilst here. That made her visit much easier to manage. M was quite happy about that.

Managed to finish work at a reasonable hour, and we had a great catch up. M had loved the mail plane flight. She saw so much, especially because the plane did not get very high, between stations. She confirmed that the pilot had flown off his normal route and low over us, to show her where she was going.

She’d enjoyed H’s company on the way up here, and his tour spiel.

It was great to have a friend here, to show the place off to. A couple of weeks ago, I’d had a phone call from a former teaching colleague, now Darwin based, to say he was driving through these parts, along the Gulf Track and would like to come and visit, too. An influx of friends!

The Search and Rescue was still on, and still disrupting our routines. The SES people from Burketown had arrived. There were even more emergency vehicles cluttering up the place. Now, they were keeping a watch out for circling kites and eagles that might indicate the location of a body. Yuk. Some had a theory that he might have hitched a ride with a tourist going southwards.

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