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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels June 18

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I was on float again. Spent most of the time on Reception. Worked a straight shift, 7.45am to 5pm.

I got to help make lots of take-out lunches for the big tour group.

John was on canoes again. The men had been keeping tally of their daily takings, to compete against each other for the biggest take. Because of the large tour group, today John took the record amount – $531.40. I was not sure how the 40cents came into it, since every charge was in round dollar amounts!

It was mail plane day. After I knocked off work, before tea, read some of my paper.

As the camping area in the Grove became busier, we had been intruded upon by campers, who ignored the No Access signs, thinking they were welcome to set up amongst the staff rigs. We did have a lovely area, and there were those who were eyeing off the tap we were hooked up to, and even our power leads on the ground. The men had already cut long lengths of bamboo and rigged up an enclosure around the staff encampment. They had put up a sign to deter foot traffic passing through or would-be campers coming in amongst our rigs. Today, they put up more bamboo poles to try to close off all suggestion of entry. It is not that we are totally anti-social, but we do want to be able to relax when off duty, without being disturbed by guests who want to talk, or make noise when we need to sleep.

Resize of 06-20-2003 16 bamboo barrier ti  staff compound.jpg

We hoped the extra barricading worked.

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