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2003 Travels June 2

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This was our second day off. Mostly, we just lazed about.

The day became increasingly humid and cloud built heavily in the sky. Then it rained – heavily – about lunchtime. We had half an inch of rain in half an hour.

There was much leaking in the tents – they did not usually have to be rain proof! There was water in the tents and under them, and lying in great sheets across the tent area.

V was on tents today and she was pretty frantic, trying to keep the bedding dry.

I was – selfishly – so glad to be off. There was so much mud underfoot. Much of the soil around the tent and main building area is alluvial silt, very fine, and quickly turns to mud.

The bloody van roof leaked again! The silicone around the wiring inlet hole must have worked a bit loose. It made me think criminal thoughts again about the “expert” who did the botched job, last year.

The Grove looked so much greener, with all the dust washed off the leaves. It smelt fresh and lovely.

Resize of 06-01-2003 09 Frenchmans mango tree in Grove.jpg

Old mango tree in Gorve, dating from the Frenchmans Gardens

I finished making the cot blanket and bundled it up, ready to go off in this week’s mailbag. I was glad to have finalized it, after several months. Now I could go back to just knitting in my occasional spare time, instead of feeling pressured.

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