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2003 Travels June 1

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Today was the first day of winter – that concept meant more down south than it does up here.

Yesterday’s rain was quite unusual for this time of year. Generally now, the days are very pleasant – warm, without the high humidity of when we first arrived, and nights are cool enough to sleep comfortably.

We got off to a slow start on this, the first of the two days off. We could sleep in, now that it was quiet around us.

Went for a walk around the place and along the creek, just enjoying the look of it all. I took photos of more cicada shells, “marching” up a snappy gum trunk.

We left at 12.30, to drive up to Bowthorn Station – the neighbour beyond Lawn Hill Station.

Resize of 06-01-2003 11 Lawn Hill cattle & Constance Range.jpg

Lawn Hill Station cattle at “Cow Corner”

The shop had for sale two books written by Kerry McGinnis, of the family that owns the station. We could do with some more of the book stock, so that was a good reason to go visiting. The story of her childhood and growing up in the stock camps of her droving father (Pieces of Blue), and then of the family’s eventual settling at Bowthorn (Heart Country), were engrossing reading – made better for me by knowing some of the country.

It was a lovely, very scenic drive, even though we had been over all the tracks last year. The road through Lawn Hill Station was excellent – the road crew had done a great grading job. We passed their new camp, about 5kms south of the Bowthorn/Doomadgee junction.

We had a picnic lunch by the water hole at Elizabeth Creek. There was still a fair amount of water over the track, here.

Resize of 06-01-2003 13 Elizabeth Creek waterhole.jpg

Elizabeth Creek waterhole, by the track crossing

Beyond the turnoff to Bowthorn, the road was still rough, for the 23kms to the station. It hadn’t been graded yet.

We reached Bowthorn about 3pm. Both the McGinnis sisters were there. We chatted for over an hour. It gave us more insight into station life in remote places. They had an extensive vegetable garden and kept poultry. They made bread every day. Not only were they feeding themselves, but also some of the workers on the station.

Resize of 06-01-2003 15 Judith McG feeding Bowthorn poultry

Feeding the poultry at Bowthorn

Judith made woodcraft items and she and John talked about that. I ended up buying a small piece that she had for sale – carved wooden toadstools, set into a piece of tree branch. It was quite whimsical, and made from local timbers. Cost me $25. I collected a stock of books for the shop, and bought some copies for myself, and for Xmas gifts, which Kerry autographed.

We got back to Adels just before 7pm – just in time for tea. It took us one hour and 20 minutes to do the 85kms or so, back from Bowthorn. That was a measure of how good most of the road now was.

We had a great day out. It was the first time in five weeks that we’d been out from the place.

Resize of 06-01-2003 12 blacksoil plains lawn hill station

Driving over the black soil plains of Lawn Hill Station, with a cloud build-up

During the day, there was a steady build up of cloud – looking ominous.

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