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2003 Travels May 30

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I was on tents. There was only one to do – things were still rather quiet on the DBB front, although the numbers camping were building slowly. Given that this was only the second season of operation of the place under this ownership and resultant improvements, all connected were working hard to promote the destination.

Resize of 06-11-2003.JPG

Entrance to Reception/shop and walkway to dining deck

I managed to do some of our washing as well.

Spent most of the afternoon on the shop, freeing the boss for other work.

John was on canoes. When he got back – quite early as it was very quiet on the canoe front – he worked on building proper storage shelves in the linen bus. That would  make a big difference for those of us who worked on the tents. Would  mean we no longer had to scrabble through cartons, looking for matching sheets and the like.

The bridge to the island was finished today.

The baby had started to crawl. That was really going to change things now! Staff quite often minded  him while we were sitting waiting for tea, or after tea. John played his “Mr Music Man” game with him, which involved pretend piano playing – banging on the table – then being applauded at the end. Baby loved it.

There was a considerable build up of cloud through the day. Not the norm for this time of year, up here.

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