This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels May 29

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I was on tents again. There were only two to do, so it did not take me long.

The boss was cooking, as it was H’s day off. I helped in the kitchen. I cut up all the makings for pizzas for tea. The menu seemed to have departed this year from the rigid offerings of company tour nights, of corned beef and then barra, that we had to do last year.

There was only one couple in the company tour, and no other outside dinner guests, so pizzas were a feasible offering.

M and D started work on constructing a little footbridge from near the swim beach, across the creek back water to the little island that the split in the creek had created. It would be another nice stroll for our guests, and would give a good view from the island, back across to the tent area.

Resize of 3-19-2005 Lawn Hill Crk Adels 4

The supply truck arrived just after midday. In theory, it was now to come in the morning, but this time it had gone to Doomadgee before here. Our goods were a bit battered and dusty. I helped with the unpacking and checking off.

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