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2002 Travels October 4-5

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When we first stayed here, in 1998, it was also in early to mid October, and then we were here for two weeks. Back then, Jo and Joe had not had the park open for long, and had done a huge amount of work already, to develop it from scratch. We were impressed then, and were more so this time, They were still super busy and ultra hospitable.

Resize of 10-04-2002 bushes grown at BV.jpg

The plantings between the sites had really grown up

It was interesting to see how the park had come on. The plantings between the sites – all drive through – had really grown in the four year interval, and were providing both shade and lush screening between the sites. There were more, and better, communal facilities.

Resize of 10-04-2002 01 Bedrock Village CP.jpg

Site at Bedrock Village

After my Adels Grove experience, I was pleased to see this place providing some special meal nights for guests. On the Friday night, there were some passengers from the Savannahlander train staying, and we availed ourselves of the BBQ and salad tea that was put on for these and for those from the campground who wanted to join in.

The increased popularity of this park meant that there were now extra staff working there. I noted that as potential future work?

The little township had developed a bit more, with a special gem and gem field tour shop operating, to the nearby O’Briens Creek topaz fields. But the general store and hotel were still the same.

There was an emu roaming the caravan park, with his chicks, while we were there – they provided us with some entertainment.

Resize of 10-04-2002 02 daddy emu Bedrock Village.jpg

Daddy emu and his brood

Apart from having a bit of a roam around the township, on foot, we did very little here, preferring just to swim in the lovely pool, and relax in general. I did quite a bit of my embroidery, on the place mats I was making for step daughter.

Resize of 10-04-2002 relaxing at bedrock

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