This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels May 25

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After breakfast, I did our washing.

John topped up the Truck fuel and also refilled the jerry can that we’d used at Duck Creek – 89cpl.

In the afternoon, John went off to bowls. There were only a few men playing, so he had an average sort of afternoon.

I cleaned the van interior and generally tidied up ready for moving.

Resize of 05-23-2002 quilpie.jpg

Quilpie site – not exactly crowded!

Could not have my usual newspaper fix, because the Saturday papers do not arrive in town until late today or sometime tomorrow.

We really had been here in Quilpie for a couple of days longer than it warranted – but that was mostly due to John’s conviction that we’d be doing lots of fossicking – including on Seven Wonders.

I cooked mutton chops for tea, with potato and broccoli. No lamb chops available here!

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