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2002 Travels May 18

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It was cold through last night, and the morning was cold too, and overcast. This made it too dull to mine.

I was on to the powdered milk in my breakfast coffee now – fresh milk all used up.

John went for a walk, while I washed my hair – in the van sink, with cold water!

I washed the van floor, then decided to make minestrone. It seemed like soup weather, for about the first time since we had been in Qld. It would use up some of the rather elderly vegetables, too.

After lunch, decided to go driving and exploring.

Mike had told us where there was a government provided bore head – for water for those on the fields. We drove there, in order to fill some containers to use for washing up, and the like, in order to conserve our good drinking water in the van tanks.

There was a big dam at the bore head, with an enclosing fence. There were some kangaroos inside the fence. We opened the gate and tried to drive them out. Two hopped over the fence – out the way they had come in! One seemed to be ill or injured, and couldn’t get up, so we left the poor thing alone.

Resize of 05-18-2002 govt bore.jpg

The Government Bore at Duck Creek diggings

Out in the open, by the bore pipe, there was an old bath tub for the miners to use – for a bath! John took the chance to have a bath in it.

Resize of 05-18-2002 bore bath.jpg

The bore bath!

We drove on, beyond the bore, on what seemed a fairly well used road; it was the main way to Toompine and Quilpie – not the way we came in on. We drove out about 28kms from Duck Creek, then went back we way we’d come. It was pleasant, interesting driving, through mulga scrub country with some interesting colour contrasts.

Resize of 05-18-2002 country round duck ck

Country beyond Duck Creek

At the bore, one of its mates had come back to the injured roo, so it had company again.

We gathered some firewood on the way back. John lifted up a nice dry mulga root log, and a lizard looked up at him! John put the log back down, gently, rather than take away its home.

There was quite a maze of tracks through the diggings areas, but we found our way alright. I thought I now had a reasonable mental map of the layout of the area. We had no paper maps to help with this process, and my Road Atlas does not even show Duck Creek. The 1:100,000 topo map sheet of this area is old and out of date.

Resize of 05-18-2002 tk by fence

One of the local tracks we explored

On the way back, we could see where the neighbour – C – was working, putting up a shed, which was why he was raiding the old camp for iron.

Mike told us that C has his phone at the old camp, near us, carries the handset in his car, but has to come back to the old camp to make calls. His new camp is too far to link the phone to.

The others who live in these parts all regard C as a bit of a comedy of errors, it seems. Apparently, he fell down his own shaft, yesterday!

05-17-2002 mike's diggings

Looking over the diggings to Mike’s house

Mike went out for dinner – to B and wife. Therefore, no pressure to watch videos.

The sunset was lovely; though the cloud had cleared somewhat during the day, there was still enough round to create a glorious sundown.

The soup we had for tea was great. Also had corn cobs.

After tea, sat round our campfire for a while – since John did not have to go out being social! That was really pleasant. We saw a bright, blinking, satellite pass overhead.

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