This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels April 20

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I did the washing, first thing. Bought the Weekend Australian paper from the shop next door. Cleaned the van. Did some embroidery.

It was quite pleasant, sitting outside under the awning. A lovely breeze came up in the afternoon.

John went off to bowls at midday. His playing fee included lunch.

My friend phoned during the afternoon, and I arranged to go to dinner at her place, on Tuesday. She warned me she was not a good cook! I was really looking forward to meeting up again, for the first time in some twenty five years! Contact via annual Xmas card does have its limitations.

John came home somewhat disgruntled. He’d had to play lead and was annoyed by the incompetent old guy he’d been put to play with. He’d booked us in to play together on Tuesday. Damn! I tried to talk him out of it, because of going out to dinner, but didn’t succeed. He promised not to make any nasty comments about my game!

Tea was spicy noodles and beef, and some elderly broccoli – which I’d bought in Canberra!

John fiddled around with the TV aerial and “found” the ABC. We watched The Bill, then he turned to his computer games and I went to bed.

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