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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels April 19

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It was mid-morning by the time we got going.

The caravan park lady very nicely lent me a street directory, after I’d gone to the Office to see if there was one I could look at.

We drove to the address I had for my friend, about ten minutes from the park. There were two numbers on the same letterbox, which was a bit confusing. After getting no answer from the place I thought was correct, I put a note under the door, giving our location and phone number.

We then drove to Stafford, to Kyocera solar panels. Very quickly found out that they import the panels, and do not make them, as J said they did! They do not fit or fix solar systems. The owner seemed pretty fed up with J – join the club! We told him what J had promised our system would do, and he just rolled his eyes! His young assistant showed us a calculation which indicated that, if everything was at its optimum, our system might just run the fridge. Only the fridge. In heat, forget it!

So we came away from there convinced we have paid several thousand dollars for a lemon – we had been had by a con man. We were certainly given the impression that this was common in the industry, with a whole lot of self-taught cowboys jumping on the solar power trend.

It was all most depressing. I was reluctant to start sending more good money after bad, though. They did give us the name of a mobile person who the Kyocera people thought was reasonably competent – and honest. Decided we had no option, really, but to get an opinion from him, at least.

The Stafford shopping centre and cinema complex was nearby and John decided that he wanted to go to the pictures. Maybe to forget reality for a little while?

The earliest film that looked tolerable was at 1.10pm, so we browsed the shops for a couple of hours and had donor kebabs for lunch. I put in a finished film for processing.

The film was “Gosford Park” – British, complex, but interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed it. John had gotten confused and thought we were seeing “Kate and Leopold”, so kept waiting for the plot to develop differently!

After the film, I bought some frozen fish for dinner.

I picked up my photos – nothing special, though the few from Leopardwood were alright.

John phoned the mobile solar man and arranged for him to come at 11am on Monday.

Tea was fish and fries.

Afterwards, I read some of a novel I’d borrowed from S, in Canberra. John computed.

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