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2002 Travels April 15

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The skies were quite cloudy through the day, which did not help with our power problem!

After breakfast, on the way back out to dig, we stopped at Mike’s house. He was starting to get the broken ‘dozer bucket ready to load on to his Toyota, and John helped him with that.

Resize of 04-15-2002 loading excavator bucket onto toyota.jpg

Getting the broken bucket ready to load

My private thoughts were that he is really too old and ill to be living out here on his own. The work is so hard. He told us his wife was “not back yet” – not from where, or for how long she’d been away. Mike said he had phoned the nursing sister and she thinks he might have an ulcer. He is going to the doctor tomorrow – in Cunnamulla. From the way he looked, I suspected there might be more wrong than an ulcer.

We put in a couple of hours of digging, without much result, it seemed.

Spotted a new bird to us, on the track – a wedge bill, a kind of arid lands relative of the whip birds we have on the coast.

When we got back to camp, for late lunch, there was an old camper van there, with an elderly couple, who hailed from the Sunshine Coast. They were just camping for the night. We chatted for a little while.

John cleaned up his stones, then went back up to Mike’s to help load the bucket onto the tray back of the Toyota. It seemed a rather heavy load for the vehicle, to me.

When we’d left the diggings, at lunch time, there was a built up area of dark cloud, and some thunder as we drove back. The cloud built up more during the afternoon, and there was lightning too. Late in the day, it began to rain – at times it was quite steady rain. It cooled things down and was quite pleasant.

Resize of 04-15-2002 storm coming.jpg

Storm coming to the diggings

John had to run Truck a few times during the day to try to keep the power up. The fridge did not seem to run as much once it had cooled down outside.

We decided to head east tomorrow, to sort out the power. John had the idea that he might try to find out who does the power systems for Bushtracker vans, which are built in Queensland.

Tea was lime chilli chicken breasts and corn cobs.

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