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2002 Travels April 14

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It promised to be a hot day again. The most pleasant part of the night was actually the relative cool of the early morning.

I was up about 8am – feeling a bit stiff after yesterday’s mining efforts.

I tilted the van roof to try to get more charge into the battery system – that seemed to boost the amount of power going in, a bit.

After breakfast, we went out to the diggings again, and worked until lunch time.

Resize of 04-13-2002 john mining.jpg

We found some more opal material – a bit scrappy seeming, but at least with colour. But it was nothing that got us greatly excited.

Resize of 04-13-2002 opal seam.jpg

A small seam of opal

The knees and crouching muscles became unhappy, again.

We noticed a group of the very pretty Major Mitchell cockatoos, out at the diggings. They seemed very curious about our activity, and sat on the low branches, watching closely.

After lunch, just sat around at the van, relaxing and enjoying being in the bush. I did some sewing. I was visited by a kangaroo, that hung about, watching me.

Resize of 04-14-2002 at leopardwood camp.jpg

Camp visitor

A couple of times through the afternoon, John ran the Truck for a while, to boost up the power levels in the van system. It is definitely continuing to fade. This is a real worry, as it is getting down close to the cut-out point, which would then mean the loss of all the stuff in the fridge.

About 4pm, we went for a walk – escaping without Hannibal noticing us. We crossed the ironstone flats, to a low rise about a kilometre away. Saw some babblers, but couldn’t identify which variety they were as they were flitting about all over the place. Also saw a crimson chat – beautiful. It was still hot at that time, and we were accompanied by the usual hordes of flies.

There was quite a cloud build-up later in the afternoon, and it looked like there might be rain, away to the south. That might go part way to explaining the persistent stickiness of the flies – always worse when rain is coming.

Resize of 04-14-2002 gathering clouds.jpg

Gathering clouds

04-14-2002 rain falling to the south.jpg

Rain falling to the south

I had another shower – with the spiders.

Tea was tinned fish and salad.

After tea, we discussed the power situation. Couldn’t see how we would be able to continue with our plans, which were to head up to Duck Creek opal fields, from here. We needed to go where we could get some decent advice on what to do about the system, and why it was not doing what we were promised it would. That may mean going to Brisbane.

Through the day we had seen no sign of life or activity up at Mike’s, but our concerns were a little allayed when some lights went on at dusk.

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