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2001 Travels September 25

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It was during today that I realized about John’s birthday.

After a lazy morning in camp and lunch of roti breads cooked over the open fire, we drove back up to the Woolshed complex, to have a look at that.

09-24-2001 wendy by paroo.jpg

Enjoying the morning by the river

Currawinya was a sheep grazing property in its previous life, and the rather grand old woolshed is one remnant of this, as are some bores that still remain, and some sections of fencing.

The current National Park status came about because of the wetlands of the river, swamp sections, and the lakes – together important enough for it to have Ramsar listing. It is an important site for migratory birds.

09-26-2001 flood plain by Paroo.jpg

Powdery, fine silt flood plain by the Paroo

The old woolshed was really impressive. Made mostly of corrugated iron, it was surprisingly large. We were able to wander around inside and inspect the holding pens, shearing bays with their ramps to eject the shorn sheep outside; there were even old wool presses left in there. The building still smelt strongly of sheep. There were piles of old manure under the building. We hoped that this shed – relic of past times – would be preserved as part of the Park.

09-25-2001 currawinya shearing shed.jpg

Currawinya shearing shed – corrugated iron construction

09-25-2001 currawinya shearing shed interior.jpg

Inside the shearing shed – 6 shearing stands here, sheep pens and hatches for shorn sheep to be despatched down

09-25-2001 currawinya shearing shed yards

Sheep yards – more corrugated iron

09-25-2001 machinery currawinya shearing shed.jpg

Wool press

Apparently, this area is used for accommodation for groups of volunteer workers and the like. Showers had been constructed nearby, consisting of hessian “walls” on metal frames around the perimeter, with shower heads coming off a pipe in a row inside. As there were few interior dividing walls, I guessed it would be group showers! The water was cold, of course. I couldn’t tell if there was any water heating facility when they had a group staying.

After a good wander around the Woolshed area, we drove about 15kms out the old Thargomindah road, to the rock formations known as The Granites.

09-25-2001 at the Granites currawinya NP

The Granites

As the name suggests, these were substantial outcrops of rock. It seemed unusual to find such an outcropping in the midst of this sandy country.

09-25-2001 the granites currawinya.jpg

Then it was back to camp to watch the late afternoon reflections display on the water, while we drank beers and reflected on the day.

09-24-2001 paroo river by our currawinya camp.jpg

Late afternoon at the Paroo

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