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2000 Travels December 10

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In the morning, we worked on Xmas card making, and I cooked some chicken pieces for tomorrow.

After lunch, went to bowls. There were few people, due to there being a couple of large parties on today. So we just had practice with another man. It was a good practice.

Storm clouds built up during the afternoon, and there were a few drops of rain.

Fuelled up Truck – $1.03cpl.

Back at camp, we packed up much of the stuff around the van and the inside.

Then we went on the Oyster Walk, around to the jetty.

12-09-2000 paddling hard.jpg

Paddling hard – young Pacific Gulls



Due to the clouds, the sunset was superb, and the reflections on the water were brilliant. Of course, I did not have the camera with me.

The sunset was a nice “goodbye” from here – and, essentially, the end of the trip. It really does feel like this is the end, as what is left is only a few days of driving and overnight stops.

For tea, I cooked John whiting, I had a tin of tuna and we had salad.

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