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2000 Travels December 1

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After packing up, which did not take long, we went for a little walk around the camping area, and managed to give away our surplus fruit and veg.

12-01-2000 01 caves break.jpg

Famous in surfing circles – the Caves Break at Cactus Beach

12-01-2000 02 vista Cactus Beach and rig - Copy.jpg

The Cactus Beach camp area from the track to the beach

Had to retrace our route of yesterday, back to the highway. Again we passed the vivid pink lake. There is water both sides of a causeway. On one side it is pink, on the other side it is an ordinary coloured lake!


12-01-2000 05 leaving cactus.jpg

Contrast each side of the causeway

After that, it was a straightforward run to Ceduna, through low scrub and mallee country.

We had to stop, of course, at the quarantine checkpoint on the outskirts of Ceduna. Here, I had to hand over cucumbers and onions – I hadn’t been sure about these, so had kept them to check. No – not allowed!

Then of course, we had to do a shop in Ceduna, to stock up on fruit and vegies. And bread, which we’d run out of.

Refuelled Truck there – $1.03cpl.

We continued on to today’s destination of Coffin Bay, travelling down the western side of the Eyre Peninsula. It was a pretty drive, passing through several townships and hamlets that would have been interesting to stay at and explore, had we the time. It certainly looked as if there was interesting coastal scenery along that stretch. Maybe another time?

We booked into the Coffin Bay Caravan Park for a week. $17 a night, with the seventh one free. This is our final treat for ourselves – the time to relax here and explore, because we really liked what we saw on the few days we stayed here in ’93. It is a village by an extensive lake and bay – very much reminded me of the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria, except not as developed.

In the six days since we have left Perth, we have travelled 2,539kms! Not our preferred rate of covering country…..

This year, we have been in every Australian State and Territory, except the ACT. Six States and one Territory.

We set up on a good grassy site. It did not have much shade, though. Although it is high up, there are not views of the bay. However, the TV is great – John was pleased!

There seemed to be some noisy and rather feral, other campers around.

12-10-2000 Coffin Bay CP.jpg

Visitors at our Coffin Bay camp

There was also another Trakmaster van – a Nullarbor one. We spoke briefly with the owners – they have only had it since October and this was their first trip of any length.

There was a phone message from T at Wonga Beach – reminding us not to forget to send them one of our Xmas letters!

Tea was potato soup and fishcakes made using the potato I’d cooked yesterday.

12-01-2000 to c bay.JPG

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