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2000 Travels November 25

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John watched the cricket in the morning.

In the cricket lunch break, we went to the local supermarket, so I could stock up on foods that I didn’t get yesterday. I needed to have supplies for the next ten days or so.

It was a rather poorly stocked Coles. I was not able to get some of the things I wanted, that I’d seen yesterday at the Freo shops  – salmon and stone fruits. That was annoying.

After lunch, on an off chance that they were having a Xmas break at home in WA,  I phoned the number we had for J and L – the ladies we’d gotten to know in ’98, at Atherton. They were in Perth and came immediately to see us.

They seemed really happy to catch up with us again. They’d only gotten to Perth yesterday, from Tweed Heads, so my timing was fortuitous.

They’d had a really bad year. After buying a new van in Perth, they’d had it transported to Tweed Heads by truck, to save themselves from towing over the Nullarbor again. The night it arrived, the transporter’s yard fence was rammed and their van stolen. That sounded really suss to me – like it had to be someone associated with the transport firm. The police were not much help, they said. So they lost all their personal stuff – bowls gear, photos, papers. They even had trouble working out who they were insured with! But then the insurance company was very good. They got a new van – not a poptop, this time, and have cut it back in size to 16 foot. They had lots of help from friends and family to replace clothing and gear.

But the whole experience had really knocked them about emotionally, and taken away their confidence and joy in travel. They plan to leave the Tweed in January and travel to Tamworth, Bathurst, Echuca, then west again. I gave them some relevant maps that I will not now need.

We invited them to leave their van at Echuca and come down to Melbourne and stay a bit with us – hope they will. They said they might ultimately settle on the Mornington Peninsula.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon with them.

Tea was roast lamb with the usual vegies.

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