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2000 Travels November 24

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There was a call from Myer – we had exceeded our credit limit with them! So, after breakfast, we had to go into the store at Fremantle to extend said credit limit. It was easy to do.

Whilst there, I bought a tie for K for a Xmas present.

John was not in a mood for shop browsing or Xmas shopping.

We went to Fremantle Markets. These seemed similar to our Victoria Market in Melbourne, but not as extensive. They are housed in an old building. We browsed a little, then went to the fresh produce section. This had excellent prices and quality, but one had to compare between stalls to do best. I got some of the things I wanted, but John was impatient (the cricket was on TV!) so we left before I’d got all I really wanted.

After that, John watched the cricket on TV. I worked on preparing my Xmas letter.

We went out again later – to get diesel – $1.01cpl. That’s the cheapest for a while. We also filled the jerry can. John insisted I go, to help with the jerry can filling and lifting.

John washed truck, then he suggested we go for a walk to the jetty, which was pleasant.

We got our deposit money, paid earlier in the year,  back from the caravan park. They deducted $30 – fair enough, after all our messing around of them! The people were very pleasant about it all. I was very happy to get any of it.

Tea was bought fish and chips.

I worked on my letter again, after tea, but had to stop doing that. John wanted to play computer games, and it seemed that my laptop screen open and working close to his, makes his seize up!

I’d had four goes at the letter today, between interruptions, and managed to cover a couple of months of the year’s saga. It was hard to get a flow going, though.

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