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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels November 22

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After breakfast, we drove into Fremantle, to Myer there, to arrange the purchase of a new mattress and fridge. That store didn’t have big home wares.

So we went across the southern  suburbs again, to the Garden City centre, where there was a bigger Myer. On the advice of a sales lady, we bought a full base and mattress set. Also bought a Kelvinator fridge, a similar capacity to our old one. As well as arranging for these items to be delivered to us, through Melbourne, they were also able to arrange for the home carpets to be steam cleaned. If we could get that done while most rooms were empty of furniture, it would be great, particularly since P’s little dog never got house trained!

We went and bought the parts John though might be needed for van repairs and then John worked on it in the afternoon. He managed to fix the suspension stuff, which made him a bit happier.

While the van was up on jacks, I sat outside and sewed. Also acted as chief fetcher of tools!

Tea was stuffed capsicums.

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