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2000 Travels November 14

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It was still hot and windy.

The RAAF took off – it did not buffet the van as much as we had feared. When he came back later in the day, he landed further up in a more open area, and was then about 75 metres from the van.

11-14-2000 lift off.jpg

While John was still in bed, I walked to the shops for a paper. On the way I happened upon the daily pelican feeding. Apparently, years ago, a local fisherman took to throwing fish scraps to pelicans every morning, when he cleaned the night’s catch. The result was a group of habituated pelicans that turn up at that same time every day to be fed. The duty is shared by locals. It was quite quaint. The pelicans were fairly polite about it all.

After breakfast, we went touring. I wanted to visit the wildflower display place, being very conscious that we are well and truly into wildflower season in these parts. However, it was shut.

We drove up Meanarra Hill, behind the town, from where there were some good views across the town and over the surrounding country.

Then it was to the shops, for lunch rolls.

After lunch, we went to bowls. It was social bowls, but we still had to wear whites, which rather peeved me. The triples team I was put into drew one game and lost the other by one. The team John was in came last! I was pleased with my game – on grass, and not having played for a while.

It was a hot afternoon and I was very tired by night.

Tea was gazpacho, steak, mushrooms, potato, zucchini.

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