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2000 Travels November 11

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After breakfast, John topped up the fuel tank from a jerry can, thinking that we had really used up a lot of diesel yesterday.

Apart from that, the rest of the pack up and departure was quite routine.

11-11-2000 hamelin - drink.jpg

This little guy was trying to get a drink? Or catching insects?

I took a photo of the Telegraph Station before we left.

11-09-2000 02 hamelin telegraph station.jpg

Old Telegraph Station, Hamelin Pool

We stopped at Overlander Roadhouse, when we reached Highway 1, and filled up – at $1.24cpl.

As we travelled south, the roadside vegetation became gradually taller and greener, and eventually we came into sections where there was cropping – wheat – in the distant paddocks.

Crossed the Murchison River – not a very large water course – at Galena Bridge.

Not far south of the river, we turned off the highway to go towards the coast.

Reached Kalbarri about 11.30am.

We parked the rig close to the shops, found a chemist and put John’s script in for filling – it had to be done today, as he had run out of his Celebrex. We waited while it was made up, then went and bought rolls for filling for lunch.

We set up at the Anchorage Caravan Park, for $18 a night. We’d liked what we’d seen of the township, there was some walking we wanted to do, so we booked in for a week and got the seventh night free.

The park was on the northern edge of the town, up on a hill above the Murchison River, which entered the sea just a bit further down. The outlook was really pretty.

Set up, had lunch and settled down for a relaxing afternoon.

John slept for a couple of hours.

I walked to the town along the river side path, which was a lovely walk, although it was very windy.

I’d been hearing amplified noise from the town direction so curiosity had taken me that way. The loud speaker system at the boat jetty was broadcasting the annual blessing of the cray boat fleet. The cray season opened later that week. Obviously, cray fishing is a significant industry here. There was some very low quality entertainment happening there.

John was awake when I got back from my investigation. We walked up to the bowls club, so he could find out about any coming events.

For tea John had whiting and salad, and I contented myself with Greek salad.

It was a really windy night.

11-11-2000 to kalbarri

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