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2000 Travels November 6

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Packed lunch again and drove back out to the Peron National Park.

Followed the same tyre routine as yesterday.

Just a little way beyond the homestead area, took the track to the left and went to Big Lagoon. This is, as the name suggests, a large shallow, almost land surrounded inlet on the western side of the peninsula.

Fishing was allowed here, so John set up for that – he’d bought bait in Denham this morning.

Whilst John fished, I went for a long walk on the beach to the left. The colours, contrasts and wildflowers were superb.

11-06-2000 01 big lagoon view.jpg

Big Lagoon

11-06-2000 02 Big Lagoon beach & rock.jpg

I walked back to John and found him happy, because he was catching flathead.

So I walked the other way along the beach and took yet more photos. It was such a brilliant place for photography. I saw sharks and stingrays close to shore – and close to each other!

11-06-2000 07 shark and stingray.jpg

Stingray and shark

11-06-2000 03 big lagoon peron np.jpg

Ate lunch at Big Lagoon.

It was such a beautiful spot that I think, has it not been for the 4WD sandy nature of the tracks, we’d have been very tempted to bring the van out here to stay – regardless of time!


After John had enough of fishing, we drove back to the main Cape track, north to the birridas area – which look to be kind of continuous with the top  of Big Lagoon – then took the track east to Herald Bight. We’d not had time to see this yesterday.

We came to a place on the Bight track where there was a Disco, apparently bogged. There was no one there. They had laid long lines of dead scrub and branches in the wheel tracks – which could be a way to wreck their tyres too, because that stuff is sharp. Idiots! It did not appear that the tyre pressure had been reduced at all on that Disco, either.

We found a way around the stuck vehicle – and the section of track he’d messed up – and continued on to the Bight.

11-06-2000 04 Big Lagoon contrasts

Herald Bight

There, we walked on the beach – very pleasant.

By the time we headed back, the Disco was gone. We caught up to him at the junction of the Herald Bight track with the main one. Being towed! It was a young guy. He told us he wasn’t bogged, but the  transmission pipe had split and he was overheating?? That did not ring true – it did not account for all the branch laying stuff we’d seen, which had clearly been him. Hmmm….

Another long but brilliant day. We drove 112kms.

Tea was gazpacho again, followed by savoury mince and noodles.

11-08-2000 from denham.jpg

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