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2000 Travels October 31

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It was a sunny day with little wind.

We changed the daily routine and went snorkelling before breakfast. I finished off the film on the underwater camera. Saw a sea snake on the sandy sea bed and seemed to remember reading somewhere that they are amongst the most venomous creatures of all. So I stayed clear.

10-28-2000 sea snake.jpg

Striped sea snake on the sea bed

The water was more chilly first thing, but it was great. We came back on a real high – and hungry!

John has gained greatly in his confidence in his swimming and snorkelling, during the week here.

10-28-2000 johyn snorkelling.jpg

Strange sea creature

He had to do some more tax work. A change associated with the introduction of the GST means that we now have to submit a Business Activity Statement, because of my share trading, so John has been agonizing over completing the first of these. They do not make it easy!

We were intending to snorkel again in the afternoon, but didn’t get around to it.

This week had gone so quickly. If we hadn’t had to change plans, we would certainly have stayed considerably longer here because we were enjoying it so much.

Tea was Kailis reef fish from the freezer and bought chips.

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