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2000 Travels October 30

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It was a sunny day, though with some cloud.

We snorkelled in the morning. There was quite a current running today, and it was hard work to swim back to the start of the drift.

10-28-2000 coral and fish.jpg

This branching coral looked like it had buds on the tips of its branches

10-28-2000 brain coral

Brain shaped coral formation

I took some more underwater photos, but it was a bit sandy and dull for the best results – yesterday’s wind has stirred the sea up.

After lunch, went for a drive, south along the coast and through Old Cardabia station country. It was the typical semi-arid scrub and saltbush country of these parts.

10-30-2000 coast near Coral Bay.jpg

Coast to the south of Coral Bay

The coast itself became quite rugged. We parked at one point and went walking, down a hill to the rocky shore,  on a foot track,  to get a good look at it. We didn’t see any other vehicles during the couple of hours we were out there.

Tea was Mongolian lamb stir fry with rice.

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