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2000 Travels October 20

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Another day with temperatures about the mid 30’s.

At the caravan park shop, I bought us each a set of flippers, snorkel and mask. Cost me $103. This coast is an excellent one for snorkelling. The Ningaloo coral reef is not far offshore and in places comes really close to the beach. That reef is not as well known as the Great Barrier Reef, but is equally beautiful. It is also not as long, only extending for about 300kms along the coast.

Until we came through this way in 1993, I did not even know there was a coral reef in WA!

Going snorkelling here and at Coral Bay has definitely been on the to-do list for this trip. There is a supposedly brilliant snorkel here – at Turquoise Bay – where one enters the water and is carried along by a current, or drift, over lots of coral, to the bay. This morning’s purchase was to enable us to do this.

We drove into Exmouth and collected the mail. The Telstra share material was in it, so I completed the necessary paperwork in the Post Office, and mailed that off.

I had a haircut.

John bought some more fishing tackle and oddments.

Did some food shopping.

We went to the Tourist Information Centre. There was a sign up, warning of extra strong currents at Turquoise Bay, and advising that the snorkel drift should not be tackled. Damn!

On the drive back, deviated to go look at Point Murat – the tip of the NW Cape.

10-18-2000 NW Cape scene

North West Cape

In the very late afternoon, drove back into Exmouth again, to buy fish and chips for tea. They were expensive and only average.

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