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2000 Travels October 19

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It was warm – probably low 30’s – but with a breeze for most of the day.

I had an upset stomach this morning. The prawns? Or the local water, which is very salty, on the prawns?

John drove into Exmouth to check out bowls, look for a replacement tube for the jockey wheel, make some phone calls.

I was not feeling very energetic, so read and sewed.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a long walk on the beach. It was rather too sloping for comfortable walking though.

10-19-2000 ningaloo bay.jpg

Cape coast

Walked up the lighthouse lookout road, which was closed to vehicles due to restoration work on the lighthouse. There were great views from up there. The surrounding land is so flat. I think we may have seen some splashes from whales?

Vlaming Head Lighthouse was built in the early 1900’s, but ceased operation in the 1960’s, after navigation lights were put in at the then new NW Cape Communications Base. Until WW2 this was a really isolated area, with supplies having to come by sea, or overland from Onslow – sometimes via camel.

The original lighthouse keeper’s house is part of the caravan park now.

The town of Exmouth did not begin until the building of the US Base at NW Cape in the 60’s. Its function was to house workers building the base, then some of the American personnel manning it, and their families.

The thirteen towers of the Base dominate the outlook as one drives from Exmouth around the Cape to the ocean side. Back in the 60’s it was controversial, being thought to be a potential target in the event of war with Russia.

Tea was honey beef stir fry, with packet noodles.

I found it very hard to stay awake, after tea, so had a very early night.

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